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We have found that part of the stress families feel when making funeral arrangements is the time pressure and unfamiliarity with the process. By making funeral arrangements in advance, there is no time pressure, which allows you the opportunity to make better decisions regarding your funeral arrangements. Also, we find that family members appreciate knowing the wishes of their relative, relieving them of the burden of making those decisions. Prearranging is popular, with as many as half of our families making arrangements ahead of time. The reasons people prearrange include:
  • Relieves surviving family members of the emotional burden associated with making funeral arrangement decisions.
  • By prepaying funeral expenses, it relieves surviving members of the financial burden associated with funeral final expenses.
  • Protects assets from confiscation due to long-term care expenses.
  • Allows a less stressful environment in which one can make important decisions.
  • Provides a record of your wishes that will be accessible by surviving family members.
  • Allow surviving family members to concentrate on the memories of a lifetime rather than the details surrounding death.
  • Allow you to determine exactly how much to spend for funeral services.
  • Transfers the risk of inflation of funeral costs to the funeral home.
  • Offers the opportunity to pay for funeral expenses in installments.
Why do we recommend prearrangement? Because we've never had a family tell us that they regretted that they had prearranged. Conversely, we do serve families ill prepared when death occurs, causing potentially great burden, both emotional and financial, to surviving family members.

What about safety of your money if you prepay? A very important issue for our families, we provide two important features of our prearrangement plans. First, the money should be held and managed by an excellent fiduciary whose expertise is stewardship over other's money. We use Homesteaders Life Company for this purpose, a highly regarded Des Moines insurance company in business since 1906 for the sole purpose of funding final expenses. Second, the funeral home should have no rights to use of any part of the funds until death occurs and services have been rendered. Our prearranged funeral agreements include this provision, and those purchasing our plans send their money directly to Homesteaders.

Provide peace of mind to your family by preplanning today
Cathy Beaver
Family Service Counselor

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